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Default Re: Premiere Night Wednesday 6/27/18

Chris decides which hg will be evicted

Sam this is embarrassing.. i dont have to worry about my make up

Julie please seat in your move in groups

chris i want to think about who i want as friends and who will be my enemies

julie chose what 8 hg's you will keep safe.. 2 of the 4 move in groups..

Bayleigh DR i don't know if i feel safe

1st group Tyler Bayleigh Sam Winston

2nd group JC Angela Kaitlyn Steve

3rd group Haleigh Scottie Faysal Kaycee

4th group Rachel Chris Brett Angie

Chris I chose myself, group 4. angie brett rachel and himself.

Chris this was hard.. i thought about it a long time. i would love to save angela's group cuz of the comp we had.. but i chose the 8 people we walked into the house with faysal scottie hayleigh kaycee

SO Safe are Chris Angie Brett and Rachel Faysal Scottie Haleigh Kaycee
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