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Default Premier Night (2) Thursday Eviction Day 6/23/16

12 new HG's entered the house

2 are siblings of past HG's

Tiffany Russo sister of Vanessa Russo BB17

Paulie Calafiore brother of Cody Calafiore BB16

4 returning HG's popped out of luggage 1 at a time

Nicole Franzel BB16

James Huling BB17

Da'Vonne Rogers BB17

Frank Eudy BB14

HG's paired up in teams of 4

Returning Vets each picked 1 person to be on their team and then that person picked another person to be on their team

Teams and names are:

#Category4 Frank, Paulie , Michelle, Bridgette

#Freakazoids Nicole, Tiffany, Glenn, Corey

#BigSister Da'Vonne, Paul, Jozea, Zakiyah

#TeamUnicorn James, Bronte, Victor, Natalie

4 teams competed in the 1st competition of the season called Ride the Rocket

Order of falling off results in:

1st to fall goes to NOTBURG and are Have Nots for the week

2nd to fall off goes to Mysteryland and receives a punishment TBD

3rd to fall off goes to Cash City and wins $10,000

4th team who has someone that stays on the longest goes to Safeville and wins safety for their team for 2 weeks

1st team off completely and are Have Nots = Team #BigSister Da'Vonne Jozea Paul Zakiyah

2nd team to fall off completely and go to Mysteryland = Team #Category4 Frank Paulie Bridgette Michelle

3rd team to fall off completely and win $10,000 = Team #Freakaziods Nicole Corey Glenn Tiffany

4th team to fall off completely and goes to Safeville= #TeamUnicorn James Victor Bronte Natalie

#TeamUnicorns are all safe and do not have to compete in the next competition

2nd Comp Hit the Road

Teams #Category4 #BigSister &#Freakaziods all compete to build a sand castle 1st team to complete the sand castle of 15 pieces wins.

The other 2 teams will battle it out in a 3rd competition

Team #Category4 wins part 1 of Comp 2 Hit The Road and are safe from eviction

Team #Freakaziods and #BigSister battled it out in part 2 of Comp 2 Hit the Road to build a large scale puzzle sand castle

Team #BigSister won part 2 of Comp 2 Hit the Road and are safe from eviction

Team #Freakziod will now have to battle out against each other and the loser will be evicted from the BB House.

From the remaining 3 of Team #Freakaziods they have to pick who will be HOH

TBD was evicted

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