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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

Ricky: their only thing is toi try and get everyone mad at each other

Kandi: my only thing im worried about is trying to be safe tomorrow

Ricky: what have you done to keep yourself safe. Im not saying im good at playing the game..

kandi I heard that you were in an alliance..

ricky that is what you heard. but if i was how was i going to be backdoored. then that means im not in an alliance.

Ricky to win you have to adapt and adjust. anytime you think you have it figured out you are in a lot of trouble. what im trying to figure out who is trust worthy and who is not

Kandio: yeah me too.

Ricky: you have to keep your head clear and not emotional

Kandi; yeah i am clear i just got a bit last night with dina

Ricky what are you doing to keep yourself in the game. you just cant think that you are going to stay.

kandi Im just thinking if i have the right amount of votes

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