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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

Feeds finally split

Ricky on the hoh landing

nat: they are mad cuz they wanted me to throw my own people under the bus and i wasnt going to

Ricky why is he in the gym . he has the hoh room like.

joey: yeah that is his thing

tamar; him banging on the table at a woman.. i cant take that.

joey: it's inexcusaBLE

Ricky who banmged the table?

nat: kato

Dina i was scared

Ricky goes to the gym

Ricky can you leave. i was here first

Kato no

tom no
ricky i was here first go w/your friend

tom: if ure who you are then block everything out.

Ricky: im not listening to U. UR a fake ass Dude!! i called U out day 2!
kato: ricky ur lying to yourself.

Ricky leaves

Kato: he's a liar. he;'s an angry dude . he has anger issues

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