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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

tom to natalie: we know what you are doing. you guys got caught and you are upset

natalie no i was having tea with joey. what are you talking about?

nat leaves and goes to the bedroom to tel them that tom was trying to look her down.

nat: i cant work out like that

Lolo : I can i can fuck shit up. i work under pressure!

kandi and tamar in (tamar out of DR )

Lolo and nat fill them in

Lolo tells kandi that they were trying to backdoor everyone in the house. enough..

Kandi it went back to the power conversation

loolo: it's not about the power

natalie: kato was banging the table at lolo

Dina: you dont yell at a woman

tamar they've been getting away with it all week.

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