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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

10:36am all feeds

kato to nat; talk to tom

tom: whats up

nat: kato is upset.

tom oh ok.

nat: he was saying that i wasn't safe

tom should we talk about it privately or in front of everyone

kato i dont like that she was out cold and that no one was speaking

Lolo what does that mean out cold? i was sleeping

kato yeah.

tom maybe we should talk privately

lolo: Im over it. you all can feel however the fuck you want to feel. i said im not for this bullshit.. you want me to spell it out for you

kato screaming, you ever go to acting school?!

Lolo is screaming! kato was screaming!

Lolo: im not an actor Im an ATHLETE!!

lolo What is the point of it tom you are making people who like you hate you guys.

tom: you guys know what you did

kato runs to the Sr.

tom runs to the SR

Lolo thanks for making everyone feel like shit this morning!

Lolo you guys fucking blew it.. take your fun and fuck y'all fun fun fun!

tom we know what you're doing.

Lolo leaves

Tom maybe we should just tell ricky that we've been trying to back door him

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