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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

kandi:to keep having the conversation about the power is annoying.

tom: i like being annoying, it's what I do.

tom now that i know everything yeah i made some mistakes.. and im wanted to apologize to you and i didnt want you or joey to go home this week unless someone uses the power
kandi i hope you figure out how to handle this situation

tom kato or dina have to win hoh so i dont go home. and i can try and win the veto. and im going to break the allaince today and maybe that will psych themn out todya. and maybe someone will use the power and come and work with me and kato

kandi who are you going to vote?

tom if someone was going to use th power i was going to put up lolo

Kandi im asking that you don't vote me out if it goes even.

tom I'll vote to keep you but the breakdown needs to be shifted.

tom yeah if you get tamaar and dina you have kato and i will keep you.

kandi ricky wont vote to keep me?

tom no he said he wanted you gone yesterday

kandi damn!

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