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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

kandi last night i got mad cuz Kato was trying to turn Dina against me

tom no no that's not what he was doing.. anyway.. it wasn't the intention for you to go home..

Kandi did you say anything?

tom no. i was waiting to see if you can find out who and have them use it.. like if ricky had it

Kandi he wouldn't use it on me

tom kato and i would be grateful and we can work with him next week. and go against nat and lolo

kandi i dont think that tamar has it i think that dina has it.

tom i dont think she has it. she would have used it by now. we told her all this last night.

Kandi tamar doesnt have it.

tom i know it's a long shot if ricky has it and then he can use it.. you have an hour or so and then im going to tell nat/lolo that we ware no longer with them and tell everyone taht we are going to win hoh next week and take them out.

kandi if anything you should let ricky know that they arent all the way on his side.

tom they are always on his side.

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