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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

tom is exposing team fun to Kandi

tom: when i put you up it was not for you to go home. I should have won the veto but i didnt. and natalie didnt come to talk to me before the veto. lolo was sick all day

Kandi: i was mad at you and kato cuz both of you were interrogating everyone about the power

tom i was having fun with it for the show. . sorry i didnt intend for you to be in this position. they didnt use the veto and i wanted to put someone else up. i wanted to put up ricky for 2 weeks. and he must know this . and of course cuz nat/lolo told him. we were on a team with them. but now we're not. and im still pretending that we are. and the only shot for you to not go is to find out who has the power and use it.. even if they take joey off i will put one of them up

kandi i wasnt expecting to be pulled off the block.

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