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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday Eviction Day 2/1/19

kato so you dont think we have joey?

tom i dont know he could have been acting. i heard lolo say who was playing pool at 5am. I was doing some fun tuff and didn't think that would wake anyone up.. and i think that if we reel in ricky .. we might be ok if he has the power..

tom : I want to say ricky i dont want to be in this fun five alliance any more it's exhausting to be doing all this acting.

tom i feel that the only shot i have is to tell kandi and then we can vote out Lolo

kato i think that's acting and i think joey is with us.

Tom ok. we can save him..
kato he wants to be saved.

tom ricky nat lolo and tamar are going to send kandi home to work with him. so we can work with kandi so we tell her and kandi will be in animal tactic fight mode.
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