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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

Kato what's the plan right now? what's the deal with joey and kandi?
tom: i dont know i dont think he is with us. I heard him talking smack in the bathroom with Lolo

tom I think i should ahve won veto. and i think that if you or dina dont win hoh that we both will be on the block. i think that they were so confident to not talk to us to use the veto that they know the power. and they will keep joey and vote out kandi. and that leaves me you dina oh and Tamar is on their side..

tom what if i tell Kandi and tamar and they might think it's good to get LOlo out. so if tamar has the power and kandi and i convince tamar to use it and i put up Lolo and vote her out..

Dina to natalie: I dont know i just want to be normal and have fun

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