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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 2/1/19

What to know

Last night BB gave the HG's 2 bottles of wine and everyone joined Tom in the hoh to drink. Everyone was having a good time. Natalie and Kandi don't drink and Lolo only had a little since she wasn't feeling well from the ballerina pov.

Everyone had a good time and started to head down to the kitchen to eat. Ricky went to the hot tub.

Kato and Tom stayed up in HOH thensat at sitting area outside. Tom decided he wanted to out his alliance of FUN FIVE TEAM FUN to Joey.

Kato told him it was a good plan and to go ahead and do it. Meanwhile Dina was a bit toasted from the drinking and was talking to Ricky in the Hot Tub.

Kato got paranoid and was freaking out that she was divulging secrets.

Tom grabbed Joey and headed up to the HOH where Tom told Joey that he had an alliance with Nat and Lolo and the he wanted to backdoor Ricky and that he didn't want Joey to be on the block.

Joey played it off as if he didnt know this and asked why didn't Natalie use the pov on him. Tom said that they were double crossed and that he and Kato want to work with Joey. That the other side was going to vote him out but he has the votes to keep Joey.

The real plan is that Joey Tamar Lolo Ricky and Natalie all decided yesterday to work together and go after Tom and Kato.

Kato ran up to the HoH to tell Tom that Dina is talking to Ricky and that he needs her to get away from Ricky because she is telling him secrets.

Dina was talking personal life, connections in the industry and her family. Not game secrets. Tom left the HOH to try and grab Dina away.

Dina was on her way inside and Kato grabbed her and pulled her into the lounge where he told her that he doesnt want her talking to Ricky that she might say stuff she's not supposed to. Kato was frequently shaking his finger at her. Dina was still buzzed and was trying to blow him off but stay friendly and chatty. Kato had let Dina know that they had an alliance with Lolo and Natalie but it's no longer an alliance and that she is working with them and she is protected per Kato.

In comes Kandi to tweet. Dina decided to ask Kandi if she ever said that she was going to vote Dina out.Since kato had just said this to Dina. Kandi was blindsided and didn't know why Dina was asking her this. Kato sat there as it escalated. Kandi had no clue why Dina was talking to her like that since they have been playing cards and hanging out with each other for the past few days.

Kato tried to get Dina to stop talking but all he did was pace in and out of the room. Finally Kato left. Dina said that she loves Kandi and Kandi said the same. It became clear to Kandi that whatever was going on was because of Kato and she asked " why are you letting Kato get you mad?"

Finally Kandi had enough and left. Kato began wagging his finger back at Dina saying you messed everything up! You shouldn't have said anything! Everything i said to you, you need to forget.

Kandi runs into Ricky at the sliding door and tells him that things are crazy. Ricky heads to the shower and the Kandi heads to the back room. Kandi is starting to tell Natalie Tamar
& Lolo what just happened and in comes Dina. Everyone in the room is confused.

Tom has been in the Dr for the whole time.

Joey finally came down from the HOh after showering.

Kato asked Joey to go in there and grab Dina to keep her from talking. Joey said he wouldn't that it would be too much if he did.

Dina and Kandi were retelling what happened in the lounge to Nat/Lolo/Tamar.

Kato was frightened that she was telling them everything that he said to her and about the alliance. Kato was listening in at the door.

Finally Tom came out of the DR. Kato grabbed him ran off the the kitchen with him and told him that Dina needs to be pulled from that room because she's talking to them.

Ricky comes into the room after showering and started to hear the retells again of what happened in the lounge.

Kato and Tom were freaking out. Joey headed to the bathroom and Kato and Tom talked to him. Kato was saying he heard Dina say his name. As Tom decided to go get Dina, Dina was there heading to the bathroom. Kato and Tom grabbed Dina and headed up to the HOH.

Ricky was filled in on everything. Everyone felt bad for Kandi and Tamar got up to talk to Kandi to see if she was ok. The feeds stayed on HOH and the bedroom.

Kato was trying to get Dina to repeat whatever she had told the others while Tom listened and was trying to catch up and decide how to handle Dina. They told Dina that she has to vote to keep Joey that they are now working with Joey. Dina just yes'd them a lot.

Ricky went to go check on Kandi and She told Ricky what happened and both agreed it was all Kato getting in her head.

Ricky left Kandi and went back to his bedroom.

Kato left the HOH with tom and Dina up there

Kato asked Joey again if he had the power. Joey replied he did not. Kato went off to bed.

Joey got up and went to the girls bedroom and told them how Kato tried to get him to grab Dina and that after he said no that Kato asked tom to do it. He said that it was NUTS! Joey said that he didn't let onto anything and that Tom told him of the alliance and that the plan was to BD Ricky and that Natalie didn't talk to him before the veto meeting.

The whole room laughed at Joey because he said that the DR was loving this.

Dina was still up in the HOH with Tom who disclosed that he wanted to Backdoor Lolo! Eventually the buzz wore off and he seemed like he wanted to get to bed and kick Dina out of the HOH but then Nat Lolo Tamar Ricky all got up and decided they wanted to eat something. They all knew that Dina was still in the hoh so they hung out in the kitchen for a while, then finally headed back to bed.

Just when they thought the coast was clear. Ricky came out from the back bedrooms and was heading upstairs. Dina ran out of the HOH and into the gym. Tom locked the door behind her. Ricky went to the gym and Dina had jumped on the elliptical machine. Ricky entered and asked if she was ok and she said " yeah ive been doing this for 20 mins i can stop know"

They both headed downstairs.

Ricky went into his bedroom and said that she tried to make like she was doing the machine for 20 mins. but I saw the door close! Tamar Natalie Lolo Ricky all laughed hard.

Dina then tried to lie to Joey saying she was doing the elliptical as well. He didn't believe her. Eventually the lights went out and everyone went to sleep.

Natalie Lolo Ricky Tamar and Joey all have an agreement to work together to get Kato and Tom on the block together.

Tamar is having hard feelings and doesnt want to vote to evict Kandi. so she is throwing Kandi a pity vote.
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