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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 5/9/18

paras in meeting the previous winners

kevin we are start struck too

Sarah how does it feel?

Paras i cant right now..

Sarah it's not over yet..

kevin we are here to boost you up and why you are here.. what has defined yoru game to get you here

paras i did a stronger social game. i was surprised on how many alliances i made

kevin you respect kaela and derek. if you are f2 with them how do you make the jury crown you the winner

apras they had each other

Nick are you a flaoter

paras i apprearedaas a floater but i wasn't a floater.. I had targets that got out.. in my opinion i wasnt a floater

paras i went 10 weeks with out being on the block

Jillian you are pre law

paras is that something that is appealing to the jury?

Killian do they know?

paras no

kevin nick and jillian tell her to tell them
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