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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

Will grabs kaela and tells her to go see paras (audio was off)

kaela what is going on

paras i jsut feel betrayed by maddy,. i stuck out my neck for her

Will she said that the conversation was still up in the air yesterday

paras making it like it was something it anst

will she was snotty about it. she said that we weer playing her

kaela maddy didnt say naything to me. i dont know what is going on

paras i really watched her back this whole time and i deflected attention from her all the time and ali/liv primised me and will we're safe.. and i made that move to make sure that she was safe too and her having our back that she went to you and said we were indicisive on the couch

kaela i knew that you were.. i told you on teh couch.. i told you that it made no sense for maddy to kep ali..

will she was going to keep her

will i knwo we are going on the block.. anad i knwo it's a lot to ask please leave paras down.. maddy is more strtigic and mental

akela it;'s whoefver wins the veto will use it

paras i feel soooo betrayed.. there wwere so many ovcciasions when liv ali and erica wnated her out.. she watched her back over mine..

will she came up to us and threw this out and said that this is how ewe get derek out.. she's the big mastermind.. that's bullshit.. she runs to power.. they say we do.. but we are not.. we are done with her we said to not come crying back to us..

weill to go do us dirty and throw us under the bus.. im going to make sure that she has not one jury vote cuz she betrayed her friends..

will you leave her(paras) off the block and i give you my word.. that i will take you to F3..

Kaela i told her what i told each of you.. but it's good to know about the whole derek plan

will we're swear on anything to not use the veto on her

kaela all i can say is win the veto..
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