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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/25/18

kaela i dont want to walk out of that door f7.. i played too hard for that..

kaela the question with studying is not my shit.. convincing people that's my thing

derek you got the last word in now

audio off on feeds 1/2

kaela thank you big brother,.. i want this!! I want to be here!! I want it more than ali wants it!! I deserve it more than ali..

kaela i wonder what johnny was going to say.. when i said whoever gets johnny out has my vote.. and he said kaela if you stay.. and he didnt say it..

kaela i tried to do it alone but so glad you came in there

kaeal hey canada ive been a have not for 36 days!! i deserve to be here!! I want this!! I WANT THIS!! I dont want to go!! I will be heartbroken if i walk out that door. i dont want to go. I love this game. i love Big brother so much i want this so bad..

kaela johnny's awake

kaela if i stay tomorrow im going to ahve such a fire under my ass.. and i haven't been given a chance to show what i can do more comp wise..

kaela thank you for being her and helping me

Derek i need you here

kaela i want yo in the f2 with me.
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