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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/25/18

Will we ahve to have a decision made before we go to bed
paras the only thing that convinces me to keep keala is a back up to protect us

maddy we are not breaking trust

paras yeah we are cuz i just told him that i was breaking the news to kaela.. and it;'s the same thing in theory..

maddy has he kept us safe yes but lies have been told. and it;'s good to have aback up plan

paras what made you come around

will i dont knwo im regretting it now.. my mind is spinning.. i just dont knwo. i try and i feel good and then im like..

maddy yo said hat you wanted to do whats best for the 3 of it and you cant read liv

will yeah no i cant..

all feeds on the white room

paras i hate that im scared of derek.. and that when he wins

maddy it's if he wins what will he do.

paras i think you are safe with derek

will he will 100% come after me if we dont keep kaela

BB Good night HG's sleep well
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