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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/19/18

Will back in bed

Ryan packing if i can get you to say yes i can stay..

will who's votes do you ahve for sure

ryan if i get you.. i get paras.. and i think ali/liv will vote on teh right side.. and they vote and i have 4 then i stay 100% and i am pretty sure that ali/liv want to vote johnny out but they want to make sure that johnny goes.. and they dont want to be on the wrong side of the vote.. and maddy i dont know where she will vote.. i think she will keep johnny cuz i told her to her face im putting her up in the triple..

ryan if i can get you paras ali liv in a room to say yes.. then im done

Will when you are on teh block peole say anything

ryan no im saying that's the truth..

will i heard you say hwo did that happen

ryan yeah cuz i was saved by canada.. not that erica left..

will some people sid y8ou sid that when eerica walked out teh dooor

ryan i was in shock.. i was saved from a unanimous vote to go to staying and erica gone i thought she had it to go the distance

Will why would you go agsint teh whole house to vote to keep erica..

Ryan no one talked to me. i gave her the sympathy vote.
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