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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18

maddy kaela toild me that you said my name to go up

johnny she jsut says things and makes things up to stir the pot.. i told ryan this.

paras.. she was saying that everyone said names..

johnny she made me think that everyone said names..a nd i didnt . i didnt have a chance. she just laid into me..

maddy if it's a triple adn we keep you they will put us up

johnny no way they will put you guys up before me.. they are jsut full of shit.. i pegged derek right from the start.. and it took me a while to figure that wout with kaela.. and derek saying that he's never seen teh show.. and kaela is way more savage.. and she gets to me.. when i said that i had no one she siad i had maddy and parass/will.. and so now she said that i had erica and that i didnt have anyone and i was like yeah.. but now i am alone.

johnny i feel that my entire narrative of the season is getting them out.. im saying things like im a vampire thirsty for revenge..

maddy yuo said that you want to work with kaela.. is that bullshit?

Johnny a little bit.. but it seemed like kaela in the combs wanted to get derek out and now talking to derek outside seemed like he wanted to throw kaela under the bus.. and i think right now that ali/liv are way less of a threat..

johnny and derek is warming up to keeping me

paras is that something that we are going to tell them

johnny this is an unusual season.. i dont think it's ever been done before

apras i thin i started it that i didnt like that peole didnt know

johnny i think that it's weird aht the season has been kind.
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