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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18

johnny back to campaigning to maddy anad paras..

johnny trying to prove that he wasnt working with erica and that he didnt knw what she was doing

maddy but i heard she was going to put me up

johnny no i didnt even know that she was putting veronica up.. and that 5 person thing with liv/ali and akel;a she said that it wasnt really a thing with ehr but that the others were taking it more serioius than she was.. and then she and i became close

johnny it ws fed to daela that i was trargetting them.. it made sense to take one of them out

maddy it made sense to take either of the dou's out adn tasht's not secret.. that's why theya re keeping each other in

johnny does that make sense to you

maddy yeah.. it's appealing and it's not that i dont trust you cuz i do.. and ryan is going up as a scapegoat every week.. which is good

johnny i still feel taht i will be put up often.

maddy you think that ali/liv will put you up

kaela in.. you chatting?

johnny yeah

kaela leaves

maddy i think theya re worried that game talk is happeneing

johnny even derek said that it wouldnt be bad if i stayed in the game to protect the other threats.. meaning ali/liv going after him

maddy i get it you want tan option to run with 4

johnny yeah
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