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Default Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18

1) the banner in front of the dj booth read dj frat False reads HOH

Ali i cant listen to gagging sounds it will make me sick!

Will im going to die

2) the frat boys that did the worm was the last dancer in the dance off

erica i dont want to win this comp cuz the target it large. True kaela out

3) the DJ yelled party foul before dance off true everyone right ali out

4)frat boy who handed you drinks was wearing a head band False everyone right

5) a frat boy passed out on the couch before you all had a shot truye derek ryan will paras johnny out

maddy it comes down to me and erica and the girl who put me on the block adn the last person i want to win hoh

6) All of the shots you were giving were delivered on one platter

Erica i cant beleive im in this again. she cane come after me false both correct

7) the frat boys throwing football were wearing the same tshirt

Fasle Erica wins HOH!!

Erica that was a guess and BB gods are on my side

merron ali kaela

Erica has to pick the next one

erica johnny i love you

Ryan i love you buddy

Johnny eff off

Erica this is my 2nd HOIh in 2 weeks. i ahve to think what is best for my game cuz i dont think it's a repeat of lasdt week
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