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Default Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18

Liv i didnt promise maddy anything but im working with ali and erica and i said i wouldnt put maddy up

Ali you need to talk to erica i dont know .. you guys talkl

Liv taking a shot at hamza i know erica and liv will forgive me but johnny will not

Liv this is my opportunity to get out hamza.. now i have to talk to eveyrone to make sure i got the votes to do it

Will 100%

Liv if i dont put you up you ahve to vote how i want

maddy of course

liv DR backdooring mhamzza is a great nom and nominated me 2 weeks agho.. karma's a bitch

Liv the mood in the house is super depressing.. he didnt die he just left teh house

Ryan that kid deserved his shot

erica yeah no kidding

merron no one in this house mad me feel that comfortable

Erica he was a huge rock to me and he always had my back im really agitated.. how did that benefit us again.. we ahve 2 big targets. we just threw away our only shield.. that was so dumb
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