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Bruno is looking for a second chance after a coup d’état twist led to his departure in BBCAN3.

AGE: 33

Describe yourself in three words:
Charismatic, strategic and fun

What have you been up to since being on your season of Big Brother Canada?
Life hasn’t changed too much. I work and spend time with the kids. My son had a surgery on his feet a few months ago so I’ve been home with him. That’s kept me pretty busy.

Is your strategy to win Big Brother Canada different going in for a second time?

I don’t have a set strategy. I need to meet everybody, see what they’re about, see the personalities, learn their strengths and weaknesses and use those against them. It’s a pretty basic strategy. It’s the same way I went in the first time.

If you could call one former houseguest from your season for advice, who would it be and why?
I would probably say Sarah Hanlon or Kevin Martin. I respect their games. There’s a bunch though - Naeha, Zach, Godfrey, Bobby – you name it. I’d call every one of them.

What element of Big Brother Canada did you not have a chance to try before, that you’d like to experience this time around?
Being part of the final two and bringing home the money. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to win.

What perk within the game means the most to you: a letter from home, a luxury party, a season’s slop pass, or a vote from Canada?
You know that’s tricky. A letter from home is always good. It brings up the morale. That’s huge. The slop pass would be amazing because you need strength for competitions. And a vote from Canada - in the end that’s what got me out last time. I’ll take every single one.

Which Big Brother Canada past competitor would you like to channel this season and why?
There are so many good players. The list goes on and on. Neda, Emmett, Sarah, Jillian, Kevin. There are so many. I’d channel them all. Or maybe just channel myself – I could be in the mix there too.

If you could travel into the future or the past which would you choose and why?
I’d like to see the past. Maybe I’d go back to season 3 and change a few things.

What do people from Ottawa have that gives them an edge to win Big Brother Canada?
I love Ottawa, and think maybe it helps that it is multicultural place. It’s a great place to be from, that’s for sure.
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