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Default Live Eviction Show Friday 1/25/19

Ryan won the face off HOH- BlockBuster against his pairs partner Jonathan as HOH

Jonathan was automatically nominated to be on the block as the loser of BlockBuster

Ryan nominated Anthony and Tom to be on the block

POV players Ryan, Jonathan, Anthony, Tom, Ricky and Joey, Lolo hosted

Ricky won POV- Celebrity Giddy Up

Ricky did not use POV

Jonathan, Anthony and Tom are on the block and up for eviction

Twist: Anthony was not a REAL HG, he was a "plant" and is no longer in the house. (more details to come)

Ryan had to nominate another person

Ryan nominated Kandi to be on the block

Jonathan, Tom and Kandi are on the block and up for eviction

POV players Ryan, Tom, Kandi, Kato (other players to be confirmed)

Kato won POV

Kato used POV on Tom

Ryan named Joey as the replacement nominee

Jonathan, Kandi and Joey are on the block and up for eviction
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