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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday Eviction Day 2/4/19

kato i worked out with riky. come to my room now

tom gets up and heads to the bedroom

tom im going home?

kato: this is word for word. he said are you willing to talk i said yeah. i said im ready to go. he said what if we decided to have you stay with us. we havent talked but are you willing to do that. and i said yeah.. and he said that tom might be with the other ones. and that was it..

tom who's the other ones?

kato when yo up to the room

kato: he knows that im going to tell you

tom: they are just playing around. they are just trying to surprise

kato i said whatever you decide i will be fine with.. he said that im a good competitor and that they need that. and i said that tom is a great competitor. and that's it.

tom do you think he feels that they are going to BD him?

kato it';s a possibility. but whatever happens i think that's it

tom i think that im going home and that all this stuff that is going on is being deceptive.

Tom i think them asking me to go to the room it was orchestrated

kato; it could be a ploy

tom i think that he's pissed that i was going to back door him and at the end of the day Tamar is HOH

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