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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday Eviction Day 2/4/19

tamar; yeah eh was trying and i was like no man

kandi no uh.. but i did notice that they been trying to put doubt.. this way if it comes down to her.. i think she would rather that we're sitting next to her instead of them. i almost put her ass on blast when she did it to me.. she was saying ' yeah they were sying kandi that kandi was a better friend than D hd. ' cuz they were rapping and shit.. dont make it sound like im a better friend over that i ws just listening and sitting there. but i feel that she is playing dumb

tamar; yeah possum.. she been like that they bee telling her shit.. i dont knoww hat the fuck she talking about

kanidi; im going to roll with yo.. how are you supposed to make any plans if yo cant trust no one

tamar you cant trust no one.. dont be bringing shit up in front of her

kandi i'll keep my eye on her. she be trying to stay in her little huddle with the pillows around her

tamar; i told her stuff and she went back and told them people. everything tht we say she telling them. dont think she aint gonna tell them. and im supposed to ignore it.. SHIT!

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