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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday Eviction Day 2/4/19

What to know

Today's Live Eviction Show will have the POV, The veto ceremony and the LIVE EVICTION all in the show.

Kato and Tom have isolated themselves knowing that they screwed their game last week with Tom's sloppy HOH. They believe that at least one of them will go home. They have talked about trying to psych out the other HG's today either at the veto meeting or afterwards.

Tamar has kept everyone satisfied by playing all of them. She wants Kato gone but If one of them come off the block she told Kandi/Dina she wasn't putting them up and she told Lolo/ricky/Nat she wasn't putting them up. I believe she will nominate Lolo or natalie if one of tom or Kato come off the block. This will give Kandi Dina and the Veto winner(tom/kato) the numbers to vote out the renom.

Ricky wants to win HOH and said he will nominate whoever is left of the current nominees. Natalie and Lolo agree.

Kandi wants to get out Natalie since she perceives her to be more of a physical threat than Lolo and that she is smarter and remembers things.

Look for feeds to be down for an hoh lockdown and rehearsal.
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