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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 1/23/19

tamar: my mind is definitely not playing tricks on me ,i call things as i see them. there is positively no exchange about me making up anything about you nat, lolo and what i saw was you walking out
Ricky that's fair. i walked in and no one was there and i walked out

Ricky: she wasnt there i dont know if she was hiding under the bed.

tamar: I saw her in the bedroom

Ricky im sorry that you feel a certain kinda way..

Tamar: no no you dont.. Im telling yo she was there

ricky Please i didnt talk to her and im not saying you did or didnt see her but but please stand down

Tamar: un huh you dont get to tell me to pipe down..

Ricky I need yo to make me feel better about this i dont feel good about it

Tamar: you should squash it.. you need to understand what you are doing. you are trying to flip the scriot. why did you get loud with me

Ricky no no if i am doing a bad job i apologize. im trying to make sure we are straight here. tell em what i can do to make it better. we dont need it we need each other. i own it if i did anything to disrupt it..

Natalie leaves the room

Tamar: Ok i understand.

they hug

Tamar: are you hungry?

Ricky no im good

Tamar leaves

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