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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 1/23/19

Nat: who do you believe?

Lolo: if i knew that we wouldnt have this problem.

Lolo: today Ricky was playing chess w/Kato & kandi was telling him to do this or that. ricky was like let him learn. so if they were like this (fingers crossed/tight) he wouldnt say a thing.

Lolo And they are saying that jonathan is making deals with them. like if they are then why arent we part of that .. and I dont care if ricky and kandi have a deal. it's like me and you.. Like if it's me and you. did you see kandi she was laying on the swing like this(backwards

natalie: dude she was holding her glass upside down..

natalie : he was walking in the hallway.. and she said were you shocked by that and he said no

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