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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 8/20/2020

HOH- Mug Shots

Play one at a time, run down and place your mug on eht highest scoring zone. final score is averaged and highest score wins.. If there is a tie, the quickest tie wins

David forgot to hit the timer

xmas gets 8 points but not faster than enzo

Davonne 7 points. doesnt beat enzo

Kevin 7 points. doesnt beat enzo

ian 10 points 15:17 seconds that beats enzo

Nicole doesnt beat ian

Dani doesnt beat ian '

Tyler beats ianb with 14:07 seconds with 12 points

bayleigh doesnt beat him

Janbelle up 12:85 11 points.. tyler still ahead

Kaysar goes and flings it off the table..


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