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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/21/2020

Jani: I talked to tyler. he's super nice. He said that he has to do what the house wants.

Kaysar: people are avoiding like i have a disease.

Jani: OH are they doing that to you?

Kaysar: yeah. they don't want to be associated with us. So here we are going on the block again together..

kaysar: i dont buy it that we weren't their target from day 1.

jani: I think it came up.

Kaysar: tyler said that cody was in power and that i went for the safety suite and made myself a target

jani: I think you were the target. but if you go for him you go for me.. I dont believe him because that's not what he told me

Kaysar: i think 10% it's you and memphis

jani: no, it's me and you..

Kaysar: he said my name?

jani: we'll... not really but yeah..

Kaysar ; there is no poker face today
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