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Default Re: Live Finale Show Wednesday 9/26/18

Julie there was speculation of Tyler and Angela and they professed their love to each other in front of everyone..
tyler: im sorry that i didnt tel you about my f2 with kaycee. i hope there is a lot of time

Angela: im very hopeful and excited for the next chapter

Julie another showmance. haleigh and fessy

Fessy: it's the real deal

Julie what do you say?

haleigh it is indeed

julie swaggy and bayleigh. you 2 spent 23 days together and 67 days apart.. . you still like him?>

bayleigh yeah

swaggy: im very much in love with bayleigh there is a lot that is antt o tell you i spent a lot of time with your dad.. i want to say it not across the stage from you

swaggy sitting at home that girlfriend wasnt enough..

bayleigh Shut up!!

Swaggy i dont care about any girl in the world i want you and only you. and i want you in it.. bayleigh dayton will you marry me

bayleigh YES

Julie it's official!!

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