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Default Re: Live Finale Show Wednesday 9/26/18

Julie you each ahve a chance to tell them why you deserve to win

kaycee; this has been a dream come true. my plan weas to use my social game to my advantage. i wouldn't be her without Level 6 and coast 2 coast and JC. this wouldn't be the same with out you guys. at the end of the day i played loyal and didnt make any promises i couldn't keep. this little peanut loves you guys and is totally nuts for y8ou guys LETS GO!!

tyler i wanted you guys to see these bright eyes and think that i wasn't going to do anything in the house.. I got a power app from trending and i had it and didnt use it.. and that is why bay i told scottie my #1 that if i sued the power you would put scotia on teh block.. Brett;l when you came to me and told me that kaycee and angela weer a dou i knew i had to get you out cuz kaycee and I were a dou and angela and i were a little more than that

kaycee what?

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