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Default Re: Live Finale Show Wednesday 9/26/18

haleigh: what were strategic moves you made

tyler: i knew i had to make moves. i had level 6 and jc as my shield and i had sam as a wildcard. i made some wild moves and i got the power app and this si the 1st time kaycee is s finding out about it. i knew i had to talk myself into being backdoored.. cuz i knew i couldn't be.

Brett: your physical game as clearly strong. what were the moves you made in the game

Kayceee; i had a strategy and plans.. priority was social game.and i was confident in that. i needed 2 or 3 weeks to creat relationships with people. it wasn't comps it was my social game. that took me as far as i could

Julie make it quick

baelgih :tyler so many of us on jry had a sour taste cuz of our evictioon

tyler: i apologize to you specifically. before our blow up. i felt that all the people that i was with liked me and i ahd to make like someone that hated me in jury. i needed people to think i had an enemy

Angela: level 6 was a power allaince and we know that you won vetos and kept them safe what else?

kaycee; having relations with others not in level 6..

Sam: tyler why do you think you deserve to win over kaycee?

tyler: i deserve to win. cuz i had good relations and i love each of you.. i always knew what was happening. i had someone behind the scenes.. ive been superfan for many years

scottie: why do you deserve to win over tyler?

kaycee; no one knew that i watched this show from the beginning game aside i wanted to make sure that the were good and i genuinely cared for them i loved everyone for sure.

Julie tyler and Kaycee i will be back for your final statement

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