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Default Re: Live Finale Show Wednesday 9/26/18

Jury segment

bayeligh it would be so nice for angela to get kicked off her pedaslat and walk out here

Angela joins them in jury..

Dr. Will how did you get here?
Angela: JC put me up and kaycee won teh veto and she chose tyler..

Angela Tyler and kaycee made a final 2 day 2

Sma: i was in a f2 with him day 3

Angela you were a day late

Angela: me brett tyler kaycee winsiont and rachel were level 6

Dr. Will who is here cuz of level 6

several raise their ahnds

DSr. will what did kaycee do?

Haleigh she won 5 vetos

Will what did she do?

Angela I think that the person that was making the moves

Bay: are you saying this cuz you are in a showmance with tyler?

Angela: no.. i'm saying she stood behind people who were making the moves

haleigh: i jsut said that she won those but she didnt need to

Sam; you were lulled into security

Angie: i think kaycee floated.. i think KJC was running things..

Sam i agree

Scottie: he got my alliance member to put me up and get me out

Will Fessy JC got to you?

Fessy: yeah. he did

Angela JC social game was amazing but he didnt win anytong but one

Bayleigh. I dont think that JC is the best winner.. tyler has a better game we took shots after shots and he still is in the game

Will brett are you shocked that tyler is there?

Brett: yeah he played me

scottie he ws making moves and sliding by cuz of

haleigh: he was making moves and playing under the radar and he's there cuz of it

Will who has a sour taste

RS he;s a little punk

Bay: yeah.. some of the best people who've won BB were evil people.

WIll: can anyone still win this game

all say yes.

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