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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18

Ryan talking about Derrick BB16 to paras in teh SR

Kaela and derek in the hoh no game talk.. just back scratching

Feeds flip to erica and liv

erica what do you think about paras

liv i think she's the closest to me..

erica she says that to everyone..

liv what?

erica she says that to me.. like literally.. that is why i was asking .. she says i trust you and want to go far with you..

liv she doesnt say that to me. maybe i should be worried.. she said taht to johnny that she is introverted.. she says she gets anxiety in group settings. she said that she says the same thing over and over cuz she doesnt know what to say and she does things like the dinosaur thing cuz she think people thin its funny but i also think it;'s part of her game

erica yeah she tells everyone that and that is why she is getting caught up in all her shit

Liv I have to tell you something .. that not even ali knows.. kaela thinks thinks johnny is more on their side.. anad that johnny has been talking to them more..

erica i think it's ali

liv he wants it us 3.. i said you can sit here and talk to me about her and im not going to defend her.. I know where peole are coming from .. i can trust her.. but i dont agree with some of the things that she does..

liv when we are in a room she constantly talks over me which is fine.. i just talk to them later..

erica take some comfort that if it;'s you and ali on the block you are staying

liv thank yo.. it's hard when yu trust someone personally but you see as the game is going on taht yor perspectives arent lining up..

erica i dont do this whole make promises to everyone anymore.. i dont know how to get out of it. i dont want to be in the 6.. and i dont like it.. and i dont want to burn bridges.. and i want to be hoh..

Erica if johnny wins the hoh on the triple.. he will take out daela..

liv yeah
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