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Default Re: Live Eviction Battle Back Show 8/29/18

Julie the4 is less than a month. time for allies to turn on each other

JC: i need to make it to the end of the game. i cant count on fessy cuz he has no brains.. i have top talk to tyler and have people on my side of the house

JC to tyler: we can't move forward keeping 2 people that are working together 100% kaycee./angela i don't care who you pick. this is what i am planing and doing is to get one of them out

tyler: NO. neither of them are coming for me or you.. you are not going to convince me to keep haleigh over hose girls in the house

JC: tyler wont move on angela/kaycee but guess who is alone.. Brett so guess who's JC's new puppet? BRETT!

JC: the questions here is what we can do

brett; if you put one on there they have their other's vote and tyler's it has to be all or nothing. a full commit. no half assing it..

JC; we cant say anything about it

Brett: yeah keep your mouth shut.. there might be a battle back and not one person that comes back is good for me.

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