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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 8/23/18

Veto meeting

Brett: Scottie and i have been nominated for eviction. i want o give scottie a chance why i should use the veto on you

Scvottie: im not going to waste my time with that.. someone has been playing me and you and we wont beat her in a jury vote.. she put both of your allies on the block.. then votes out your ally.. and to me that is bloody

brett: i used the veto on myself

fessy: scottie you came to pitch to me to put up haleigh and then sdma.. that;s shady as hell. kaycee i nominate you

fessy: DR I dont trust scotie. he's been in the mix of everything he needs to go

kaycee: it's not good to be on the block but sitting next to scottie i feel good.. and with my alliance scottie should be going home

scottie: Fessy is an idiot.. if he put sam up i wold stay

Sam: Im so confused. these people are going to wear me out

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