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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 8/23/18

kaycee DR I cant believe this. it's too crazy! haleigh is with them and he;s throwing her under the bus. this is a cakewalk for level 6

hal DR Now i heard that scottie is targeting me i want to know why and what he has to say about it

SCottie: the part youa re going to hate me. ive already put it in motion

Hal: what did you say>? that im playing you?


haleigh: why

Scottie: i said that you were kaitlyn 2.0

Scottie DR I feel stupid. haleigh had my back and i just stabbed her in hers

hal to Scottie: i defended you and fighting with fessy.

Scottie: you just have to let me go. i didn't know what else to do

hal: DR: I don't know what scottie means. im confused at this entire situation

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