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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/9/18

ryan my pitch is you need to beat derek and he hasnt beat me in shit

erica he hasnt beat anyone in shit

ryan when it's mental comps will is out in the bottom 3rd

erica i dont think that is what you should say youa re pitching to floaters

ryan no.. im pitching to one. paras

erica saying taht means i can also beat you

ryan i said i expect to be here for the week and i will take the fucking shot. throw the hoh to me.. and they will go on the block

erica and they will go home

rayn and that is for eveyone

kaela up in hoh talk stops

erica i get that.. im not saying dont try.. just talk to everybody

ryan i know the climb i ahve to make

erica quite up hill

ryan i am only pitching to those i think i can sway i know i cant sway maddy

erica no way

ryan i would hope johnny but i dont think so

erica yeah. the climate of the game changes every single day

Erica who ever wins hoh will set the tone

akela no one has the same person /target anymore.

erica you will see a huge divide
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