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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18

maddy to Will you are the most under estimated player in the house.. this is the 1st week that i feel that i can possibly win this gme

Will i hope that daela doesn't win and put us up

maddy i dont know. ive been suspicious of it and the things tht johnny's been volunteering things and basically erica knew aobut it and she said pretty much and then johnny asked ali and they denied it

maddy daela ali liv and erica.. had a deal but erica said that she didnt take it seriously

WIll i'd like to bring it up to daela.. we ahve the votes to send johnny home

maddy then youa re the right person to bring it up not me.. and i dont think erica woulda told me the truth but may have told johnny but that's johnny's word after he's fucked up.

maddy we're not choosing daela's side and we're not choosing liv/ali's side

will but i think taht liv/ali want him to stay

maddy if we keep johnny and he runs to liv and ali then we're fucked.

Will i hate that ryan is in the game. we shoulda gotten him out when merron was here

maddy yeah we made a mistake.. absolutely did

Will it's too late now
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