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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/9/18

kaela i think it's something that's worth a conversation if you put johnny and erica up one is going for sure.. and then we tell erica that we ahve her back adn vote out johnny and if maddy wins hoh.. i ahv eto ahrd core tell her that johnny was saying toi throw her up on the block

liv are you close to her?

kaela she talks alot but it;s about herself

derek out

liv yeah jsut like game i cant

derek i told her that she doesnt talk much game

liv the minute that she knows that she's going up she's nice and social and then when she knows she's not up she goes back to being stoic and not social

kaela i almost didnt put ryan up. and derek said to not do something out of spite.. and he's so smart.. its best to get him out now.. like i didnt have time to tell maddy she wasn't going up.. 2 mins before making my noms.. derek made that comment and i ws like ughh .

liv yeah it's true you dont want to do that
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