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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/9/18

What to know

After Kaela told Ali that Johnny said he doesnt trust her, Ali had a meltdown and started telling a few HG's about it. She started with Paras and then Ryan. She broke kaela's trust and this will surely get back to Kaela and get Ali as a target for next week by them.

Johnny told Will he's not using the veto to save him because he doesnt want to expose they are "working" together Will was semi ok with it but im sure he would be better if it was used.

Johnny went around to everyone trying to gain information on several levels with the use of the pov. However he fell into the Ali and Kaela trap and he named Maddy/Paras as renoms. Kaela now knows that Johnny has been lying to her. He also dropped Ali's name as a renom.

Ryan began to blend in more with everyone seeing a bit of light with Johnny's possibility of using the POV even if it's not on him. Ryan feels he has a campaign shot against almost anyone in the house

Ryan and Will made a deal to not campaign against each other but Ryan has been campinging even before the veto and turned it up after the veto ws won by Johnny. He went to everyone but Maddy with his pitch.

This week inst over and they are already working on what to do after each wins HOH come Thursday
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