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Default Live Feed Updates Monday 4/9/18

Merron evicted 5-3

Kaela won HOH- Buttoned up

Paras took a $1000 temptation

Derek has a week safety temptation

Will took temptation a phone call from his loved ones - completed

Temptation not taken House on cold showers for 48 hrs - completed

Each HG, except for Erica and Kaela had their time calculated from the HOH comp. Time they were on the platform till they dropped and for every 5 mins = 1 hr of slop

Paras 2hrs, Ryan 11 hrs, Maddy 15hrs plus, Derek 16hrs, Ali 18hrs, Johnny (TBD), Will(TBD), Liv (TBD) all completed 4/7/18

Kaela nominated Ryan and Will to be on the block

POV players Kaela Ryan Will Johnny Erica Derek, Olivia hosted

Johnny won POV and a trip to London

Johnny did not use the veto

Ryan and Will remain on the block and are up for eviction
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