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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/21/2020

What to know

Tyler got a letter from Angela in his HOH basket

Tyler began having one on ones in the HOH

Before the feeds went BACK down after they returned from the HOH comp Nicole got snippy with Janelle when choosing her to be a Have not. Apparently janelle called her whiney whiney whiney.. and they clearly are not talking to each other.
approx. 9:09pm BBT feeds 1/2 on thursday 8/20/20 is where janelle tells the whole story of what happened on the amazing race
The feeds 1/2 approx 9:45 pm where janelle talked about nicole F again and how she will tear her apart.

meanwhile at the same time on feeds 3/4 Nicole F is talking about it to Cody with ian and dani there

**Check flashback for exact times **

janelle retold the events to kevin. It has to do with the amazing race and events that took place on that show. And it involves Rachel Reilly. Janelle since then has not liked what Nicole did. janelle told kevin she will get " sparky" with Nicole but then Nicole will cry and act like the victim. janelle doesnt want to give Nicole that opportunity to use that against her incase she needs votess from others in the house. janelle did say that she's tired of nicole chirping behind her back and going around to everyone else and saying janelle's name. Kevin told her it's best to chill. janelle said she knows.

Tyler's targets as of now are Janelle and Kaysar. Unless tyler wants to be slick and only nominate one and use someone else that he wants out as a pawn. he really wants Davonne out but you can only get one target out at a time.

Tyler knows that his alliance is not what he wants it to be but because everyone in the alliance wants janelle/Kaysar out most likely he will nominate them. Tyler is familiar with having a rocky HOH and it's only week so he doesnt want to rock the boat. His main concern during each of his talks with everyone was : never once did Kaysar and janelle come to him and say lets work together. ( tyler doesnt know that they already had figured out that the 4 guys Enzo Cody Memphis and himself were in an alliance ) So there was no reason for janelle/kaysar to go to him janelle/Kaysar thought that they had a working relationship with memphis but they now know that memphis is doing his own thing and is not with them.

Safety Suite today. Players will be Memphis, Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole, Dani.

Watch for Enzo to cheat as a have not since he cheated his entire season while being a have not.
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