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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020

Xmas: nicA exposing everything and calling out everyone. gives us a big disadvantage.
Kaysar : I disagree

Xmas: I thinking that we wait and not wage war right now.. Day and kevin feel like it's shakey ground. if you push something. and take that risk and we see what can be done as a risk. i dont see them exposing that line in the house today. I dont see that happening.

Kaysar what advantage does that give us>?

Xmas: it gives us the ability to get hoh and get information and time to trust each other and working as a whole. it's a stratigic move that protects the group.. Nicole doesnt seem like she was even included in this. and you guys talk to nicole all the time..

kasyar: she was included

Xmas: but she wasnt spoken if no one said her name

kaysar: bay said that if you could get everyone on the same page and memphis will keep her then it's a hard yes.

Xmas: I will talk to memphis.. but he doesnt want to expose

Xmas: that would be a significant shift.

kaysar: would that change your mind?(memphis committing to keeping NicA in a tie)

kaysar: yeah I dont want to look like a fool

xmas: yeah.. and if he goes the other way,.. like it has to be a a yes.. anything less than that.. we have to rebuild.. we need to work on strategy.. offense not defense
kaysar: yeah it has to be a hard yes

Xmas: Im telling you right now those 3(Bay, Day) won't sign up for that otherwise.

kaysar: I agree

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