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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020

kaysar talking toi xmas about memphis and how he plays his game in a team of 2.. . compares it to last year of having a large alliances..

Kaysar thast wasd their trick. everyone goes out and maskes friends wiht a floater and the floaters have a mentality as " as long as it's not me"

Xmas: David has no clue whats going on..

Kaysar: he's green. he has a clue.. but .. I confronted him aobut his association.. I said why would i save you if you are with a group that is trying to get me out.

Kaysar: they are not going to go after you. there is a big block alliance.. and they will pick us off and make it to the end. they dont want us working together. that's why they re always saying " whyt are you talking to janelle, kaysar" Like who the fuck are they to tell me who I can talk to? they are talking to everyone... I dont want it to be like that. it's all stars and I want to work together. it's allstars.. and I want to pull people together that we can work with.. me you bay, day, kevin.. and i was hoping that you guys would be on board this week

kaysar: it's been a long week.and i dropped the ball on that. and im sorry about that

Xmas: I asked you in the beginning.. and we didnt talk game till after i won safety suite and nicole went up.. and i just wish we would have talked (before) a little bit faster.. and checked in some how.
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