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Default Re: Aired Show Premiere Night #3 Friday LIVE EVICTION 2/9/18

Chuck tells julie I dont know what happened I guess im not as good at the social game as james is .it wasnt his game he wants to be on Amazing race

Julie tells Chuck that he will be part of the jury and get to cast a vote for someone to win and will be able to watch from home (no sequester)

GB Messages

Omarosa chuck if youa re seeing this everything went terribly wrong some folks flipped in our alliance

marissa im sorry i had fun with you and i hope to get to meet yoru family

keshia Charlie im so sad you're gone know that everything i said to you ahs been true

Ross this was unexpected and last minute and no reflection on the regard i hold you we had to amke a move in the game and sadly that means you ahd to leave im sorry.

Julie did you ahve a deal with Keshia?

Chuck only that I wouldn't put her up if i got HOH
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