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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 5/1/16 - Thursday Eviction Day 5/5/16

Cass you said that you wantedf to realign

nich what?

tim you are saying taht youa re still part of the middle group

phil i fucking still trust yo..

phil i dont ahve a f2 with kelsey

cass we ahve to make a move cuz you know who is not part of the 4

phil kelsey

phil how are we liars

tim last night you said that you're still with the middle group

nick you turn the conversation on what you need it

tim i put myself up you idiots

phil dont call us idiots that rude

i recapped this all on the live feeds thread page

Tim i'll talk to you y separately kelsey cuz they talk over it

tim in DR theya re trying to describe what i do but i dont even know myself.. and it's full transparent and transparent. i dont like it when im called manipulator
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