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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Monday 2/4/19

Julie day 20 inside the house time to kick things into over drive.. pov and live eviction will play out

Lolo right before the live show tamar had a chance of heart

tamar i feel your loyalty lies with lolo and you girls ahve a good connection.

nat we do

Tamar i feel that im going to want to keep kandi

nat DR we diced that we dont have the numbers so we are going to keep kandi in the house

nat to Tamar.. you better make sure you check your girl if she switches to them i dont play with that.. if she wins hoh she dont put us up

tamar: i have to make sure that nat and her little crew keep their heads on tom and kato and not o=on me.. i have to make sure that kandi knows what is going on

kandi they have too much power you will never get them out if they get in power

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