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Default Re: Finale Show Wednesday 9/21/16

Final 2 statements

Paul i kew the second you saw me walk thruy the door thee is the loud and cry one.. thats why i was on the block 6 times.. i teamed up with the right popel at the right time. i was the 1st one in paris which kept 4 other people coming back into the house.. and only ahd victor.. and after he was clip and not getting a care package from america.. i was here left with 2 vets after everything and i won 7 in house comp wins.. the most.. i ahd nothing to hide and there is one rule i will never break adn that's friendship

Nicole crap that ws good..

Nicole hey gouysssssss.. snake joke.. day 1 come into the house im called a snake.. and then day 2 convince 2 people to let me take HOH i made a deal with corey.. i had to convince natalie to put 2 allies up ont eh block. i won 2 vetos.. and then when corey had to go and make a move agsint vic and paul.. and shoot.. i gave iyt ll i got and that';s all i can say..

Nicole is upset she didnt do good

Julie you did great
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